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Color List

 Colors and glitters are listed at the bottom of this page.

Here is a table of contents list for my color chart. When you click on the Color Chart link in the menu bar the chart will open in another tab. This will allow you to go directly to a color page or look at the entire color line up here at Fish Candy Bait Company.

 ABC Gum & Green Pumpkin---------Page 1 & 2

 ABC Gum------------------------------Page 3 & 4  

 Albino Glow & Teachers Pet----------Page 5 & 6  

 Atomic Green Pepper-----------------Page 7 & 8  

 BassBug--------------------------------Page 9 & 10

 BassBug Red flake special-------------Page 11 & 12

 Berry Blast-----------------------------Page 13 & 14

 Black Grape----------------------------Page 15 & 16

 Blacksnake-----------------------------Page 17 & 18

 Bluegill---------------------------------Page 19

 Bostons Blue---------------------------Page 20 & 21

 Bubblegum-----------------------------Page 22 & 23

 Craw Candy----------------------------Page 24 & 25

 Ghost Tilapia & Teacher's Pet--------Page 26 & 27

 Green Pumpkin & Nudder Butter----Page 28

 Green Pumpkin------------------------Page 29 & 30

 Greenie---------------------------------Page 31

 Honey-----------------------------------Page 32

 Hot Grape------------------------------Page 33 & 34

 Lollipop---------------------------------Page 35 & 36

 MO Natural-----------------------------Page 37

 Nudder Butter--------------------------Page 38 & 39

 Oxblood Party---------------------------Page 40 & 41

 Pumpkin Spice--------------------------Page 42 & 43

 Red Shad--------------------------------Page 44

 Sly Shad---------------------------------Page 45

 Sugar------------------------------------Page 46

 Teacher's Pet----------------------------Page 47 & 48

 Watermelon Gold-----------------------Page 49 & 50

 Weiss Walley Green---------------------Page 51

Custom Color Work Information

This is a current list of all my colorants and the glitter I have available. I can work off these to make that special color for you. You can choose more then one glitter to make your special bait or none at all. The Hi-Lite powders can be used alone for a pearl bait or combined in with other colors for whatever effect you like.


.008 (small) - Black
.015 (regular) - Fire Opal, Nutmeg (Tan and Brown), Gold Fire (Lime and Chartreuse), Pink, Copper, Red, Gun Metal, Black Grape, Silver, Peacock Blue 

.035 (large) - Black, Multi (Red, Green, Blue, Silver, Gold), Gold, Mint, Light Blue, Fluorescent  Orange

.125 X .0125 String - Orange, Red, Black, Green, White, Blue, Gold

Hi-Lite Powder

Olive, Turquoise, Pearl Green, Lumina Brass, Pearl White, Pearl Amber, Phosphorescent Glow


Motor Oil, Watermelon Green, Pumpkin, Green, Black, Kudzu, Junebug,  Pumpkin Seed, Strawberry Red, Violet Grape, Bubble Gum, Yellow Chartreuse, Green Chartreuse, White, Peanut Butter, Oxblood, Minnow Silver, Electric Blue, Green Pumpkin, Forest Green, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Root Beer, Natural Worm.

I can also obtain colors from the picture below if I do not have it listed above but allow a week for shipping before I can work on your order.


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