Magic Pumpkin

Magic Pumpkin
Magic Pumpkin
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This is a nice medium Black color with two types of Blue flake to make it extra visible. Baits are 8 per pack and scents can be added above.

Here is an unusual version of the traditional brush hog type bait. The ridged body is a nice size at 4 1/4 inches long with a diameter of 3/8 of an inch. This bait is made to create a ton of action in the water. It has the standard curly legs at the back end each shaped like a question mark but there is no question that this is a brush hog with plenty of personality. The rear flapper is the largest followed by the middle one being the smallest and finally the front one is a medium size. Each flapper exits the body at a 45 degree angle and then ends with a curved cup shaped into a point.

Fish it?

This is a great creature bait that can be used many different ways. Use it as a jig trailer if you want to be different or peg a bullet weight to the head for flipping it to cover. It is similar in size to my Beave Bug but it has an action all it's own. This is a good all purpose and situation color.

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